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Posted: January 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

There are some things in life you are predestined to do, and I’m not talking about falling in love with a specific person, I’m not talking about success or any of those meaningless things, We are raised to think certain things are wrong but it gets to a point when those are the only things we want, we want to venture into the unknown, we want to walk that line, cross over and watch everyone else from the other side. I’m talking about urges, lying under the surface waiting for their moment in the sun, under your skin, coursing through your blood, whispering to you constantly until all the walls have broken down and you can finally admit it to yourself. For years you will tell yourself that this is enough for you, this will get you off, get your blood pumping, but somewhere in the back of your mind its there, locked in the vault, the only problem is you’re the one with the key. So you create the labyrinth, hope it gets lost in there with everything else but thats not going to happen because it’s inevitable. You can fight it but it knows you better than anyone or anything, it knows all the right things to say, how to seduce you, how to take control, and its patience knows no end You’ll never win either, because somewhere deep inside you know its going to happen, you know because time isn’t linear, it’s already happened, it’s already who you are.