On starting yet another writing group

Posted: June 22, 2015 in writing, writing novel
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Well I had a fairly productive day – not in terms of my word count, which remained slightly shy of 55k – but in terms of progress in other areas. I went and spoke to my local Waterstones and the manageress has very kindly agreed to let me start a writing group there. So that will be an hour and a half once a month where we get to do flash fiction and read our work out to be critiqued by each other.

My first writing group begins next wednesday and i don’t have the dates yet for the next one.

The reason I think its important to get involved in writing groups is because as a writer its easy to get stuck in a bubble – where you think either your work is really terrible when in fact you just need fresh eyes on it = or – god forbid – your writing is terrible and someone needs to help you get a better rhythm. Its nothing to be ashamed of – we all right duff stuff once in a while. Looking back on things i wrote years ago I cringe, i really do. Writing is about constantly learning, from others as well as yourself. When i start writing a story invariably by the time I have gotten a few thousand words into it it starts writing itself because i have hit my stride, sometimes its hard to find the stride in your story on your own.

In terms of my novel – I have come to a point where i kind of need to stop and start a whole new thread – which is very exciting – because i will discover new things about my characters that will also add to the plot. I will discover new characters that i havent even met yet. I think this thread – the police one should give me at least 15k at this point – because i will make sure i use 3k per chapter, and I definitely have at least 5 chapters to write – that takes me to 70k – and then I have about 15k to sew it all up – then comes the REALLY fun part – the rewrite. I will do a whole blog post on rewriting when I get to it.

Until next time


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