On Books I have liked

Posted: June 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

I must admit I dont read as much as I used to, not by a long shot. But I have instilled the need to read and the respect for the written word into my children because I strongly believe nothing sparks the imagination more than reading a good book. I also believe you learn more from fiction than non fiction – purely because facts can be slipped in without you even realising you are learning them. I am very resistant to education and so I need to figure things out for myself, i need to educate myself. Good books also make you think about yourself, question yourself and your beliefs make you think about your place in the world.

1. Rebecca – Daphne Du Maurier

i know I have mentioned this before but its such a beautifully written book that it deserves mentioning again. i wont go on about it this time but – its a fantastic book. This is the exact copy of the book I have


2. The Count of Monte Christo  – Alexander Dumas

Such a finely intricate plot. Its a big daunting book but its worth it, i read it in a week because it was unputdownable – it kind of blew my mind, so exciting, all the adventures of Edmund Dantes. The absolute epitome of how to write revenge and a masterclass in pace. I got this beautiful Leather bound copy for christmas last year – Barnes and Noble leather bound classics


3. Incompetence – Rob Grant

I read this book almost every time i go on holiday (which is not very often) but its truly brilliant. I dont often read comedy because most comedies just make me smirk as opposed to laughing out loud. But this one is just great. By one of the writers of Red Dwarf with a definite similarity in the sense of humour. its basically about a politically correct bureaucratic nightmare in the future. If you want a laugh – read it.


4. Cross Stitch – Diana Gabaldon

Well, The outlander tv show started on TV and a friend of mine was going on about it, so when it came on Amazon prime I watched the first half of the show up to the Midseason break. Apart from the obvious annoying aspect of time travel and the problems it throws up it was a very engaging book. In fact it was the first time i had picked up a book in a long time. What amazed me was that I found out it was written a long time ago – over 20 years and yet it didnt have that aged feel about it. At first I felt like I was reading a blog post on a kinkster website because it just has that “romantic fantasy” feel. But the book pulls no punches, bad language, explicit sexual content and the baddest of baddies. The last quarter of the book is so unbelievably harrowing that I had to put it down occasionally just from a respite from the sadism.


5. The Outsider – SE Hinton

I read this so much as a teenager – i think it was one of those “teen tracks” books at my school. I even still have my old school library copy, its completely busted and the spine has fallen to peices but i love it nonetheless. Apart from the content which is a vivid picture of disaffected youth and poverty – it sounds miserable but its not – its lyrical – poetic. BUt one of the genius parts of the story is that the opening paragraph of the book and the closing paragraph of the book are exactly the same – word for word – but the meaning of them is so different by the time you get to it. Its everything a story should be.


Obviously there are loads more but I’ll just leave it there for now. What are some of your favourite books?


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