On perseverence in your writing

Posted: July 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Sometimes its just that simple. You just have to persevere. I’ll be honest with you and say I’m not feeling it at the moment. I dont want to write anything today and yet at the end of the day i will have written something, because once I have done my morning chores i will come back to this infernal machine and sit here staring at the screen (music videos, cat videos, documentaries, a new tv show I HAVE to watch NOW etc) and I will have my book open at the same time – occasioanlly i will allow myself to get sucked into my own story, sometimes I will resist it and continue watching whatever bullshit I have decided is good enough to distract me for now. But In between all of that nonsense, I will write something. Even on my worst days, if I use this method I can usually squeeze 500 words out of myself – and if I am lucky an idea will take over and I will do over 2000. I dont feel yesterday was a total loss because i started planning my police procedural chapters, which are the bits I have to finish at the moment. I have bullet pointed the things I NEED to include within the chapter, nestled between chapters I have already written. My self imposed deadline for a first draft is 5th August, so I have less than a month to get at least 20k words out of myself – but more importantly, I need to be confident enough for the rest of the story to find an ending and so I must persevere and find out what other gems my wonderful imagination will fill me with. The only confidence I have at the moment is that I can finish it, not to a standard that i am happy with, but thats not important right now. This is generally one of the moments when I tend to self sabotage, when the end is in sight – and it is. I know all the players now and I know how I want it to end, and so its just a matter of getting there. Its been an ordeal really, the last few weeks – trying hard not to allow my self doubt to take over. I have resigned myself to the fact that I am not in fact shit, but the creative process is a fickle bitch – one day she loves you and the next she thinks you’re trash.

Listened to an interesting radio interview last night. Well I caught the tail end of it .and i just found it on youtube so im going to share it with you. Stuart Maconie interviewing Hanif Kureishi.


until next time


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