On the new things I have seen on TV

Posted: December 4, 2015 in television, Uncategorized
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As someone who obsessively watches everything thats on TV I thought i would let you know my thoughts on some of the new stuff thats out – namely on Amazon or Netflix –
Firstly the BEST of the bunch has to be THE PATRIOT, its part of the amazon pilot season and its 45 minutes of brilliantly written and wonderfully executed quirky humorous drama – I’ve watched it 4 times, I cant remember the last pilot I watched 4 times – its so good.
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS – well i hate american football, and I hate tv shows about sports generally but I have to say I loved this series, I only watched it because it had 5 stars and I can see why, it was great, I cried loads, thats usually a good indicator. Really well written, well acted. i was lost when i finally finished all 5 seasons. I still miss the characters.
THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE – although its really different to the book its really well done, I’m still mourning a bit because I finished it really quickly but its lovely to watch – visually its very striking.
JESSICA JONES – I thought it was a tad inconsistent and I have 2 episodes left – its just picking up now really – its been a bit of a slog to be honest but some people LOVE it – so maybe its just me.
EDGE THE LONER – on amazon part of the pilot season again – I have a massive crush on the main actor in it and to be honest thats the only reason i kept watching to the end, it was really contrived (deliberately i thought) but just a little bit too misogynistic and sexist for my liking, and crass, way too crass, and possibly even a little racist – I dont know, I didn’t like it at all – shame really. –
BADLANDS – another pilot on amazon, it was good, but im getting bored of dystopian futures on TV, mostly they seem to lack originality these days, this felt like a mixture of mad max meets a bunch of obscure chinese movies no one has ever watched (except me, I collect them) – so it was a little bit cliche – great fight choreography though so at least that was good.
OFF THE MAP – medical drama in the jungle, its quite good fun, if a little predictable in places, nice to be able to watch something with the kids around, most TV isnt suitable for kids at all. Its ok for easy watching, but like i say – very predictable.
Ive also watched THE STRAIN recently – which started out with so much potential but is just dragging on now, every episode sees a showdown between a 95 year old man who can barely lift his arms (with a team of strong young people who all let him deal with it) fighting against the lord of darkness, who always gets away- too many convenient things going on in there, and the rules change constantly – quite irritating to watch in the end.
What should I be watching?

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