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At a screenwriting workshop a few years ago i was asked what I liked about television shows and which shows I liked. My answer was I like shows that mentally scar me, and this is actually the truth. i can still recall the exact moments in some TV shows (and occasionally movies) that have brought a tear to my eye or made me furious, elated, indignant, repulsed etc. I am going to share a few of them with you here now.

When I write i look for what it was in those scenes that had the most impact on me, what it was that made me connect with it emotionally, and i try and put that in my work.

1. Buffy the Vampire slayer

I loved this show, I mean LOVED – and there are so many scenes to choose from (most of them involving seth green) but in fact the first one that really got me was the moment after Buffy and Angel sleep together (she loses her virginity, he loses his soul) and basically – hes a massive douche.

2. Oz

Another one with so many moments to choose from, but this was genius. When keller wrestles Beecher, in order to manipulate him into being in love with him. Keller is another fantastic character – i saw Oz after watching SVU and after seeing the righteous Stabler, i found it so weird seeing him like this as a massive sexual predator and rapist. he does some seriously twisted things in this show. But the subtext in this scene was brilliant. The real tragedy of course being that he falls in love with Beecher too, the most beautiful toxic relationship on screen in the history of toxic relationships

3. Dexter

Doakes was a great character in dexter, the one person who saw through the veneer – there are a lot of moments in dexter so ill put them here, but this was the first one that i found exciting

dexter was very protective of kids, which was beautiful really. this was funny and exciting at the same time.

this was a brilliant episode, from start to finish. he finds out the psych is a killer and so he starts to use him as a shrink to find out how he ticks. i could fill up this page with moments from dexter but for now ill leave it here

4 Justified

So so many awesome moments in this show – the entire of season 2 is one of my favourite pieces of tv viewing ever, such a brilliant story. if you havent seen it, dont watch this scene, it ruins the whole thing

Justified is a well writeen witty but deep show. Raylan givens is a fantastic character and heres a compilation of his killings, because thats where he shines the most.

another installment of this when i think of more, this post must be long enough already

until next time


I watch a lot of television. I try at least to watch any drama show that has been renewed for a second season – my reasoning is this – these shows must have something that keeps the audience coming back.

I don’t know about you but when i do anything I am analysing it from the perspective of how it would work in a book or a screenplay, every. single. interaction. I am no more critical than when i read (or watch) other peoples work. Not to pull it apart to find the flaws, but to find the gems in it, the things that make me FEEL something.

It occurs to me in life that I am a voyeur, constantly evaluating and interpreting life in a way that I can translate what I have learned to other people, through my writing.

Sometimes if i am honest I just don’t get it, some TV shows have me baffled, without naming any names, I just don’t understand the appeal.

I like action movies, I like the simplicity of them (although I could never write one, i would be out of my depth) – and sometimes the things that look the simplest are actually the hardest things to pull off. Its a true talent that, making something look simple – and i don’t mean making something look like you wrote it in one go and then made it in one go, I’m talking about something so well put together that you don’t even really notice how its put together. (I know what i mean)

What i like the most is the subtlety of thought that is brought out in me – something that challenges what i believe about myself – something that i think i have always believed – to be forced to question myself.

Something else I like is revenge, revenge is sexy, no matter how long it takes, to see the balance restored is something that’s very appealing to me. One of my favourite Tv shows of all time is OZ – I faced a lot of personal moral dilemmas when watching that one. To feel sorry for the bad guys, to see a hierarchy of bad guys and wondering who is the worst, and realising how easy it is to forgive and empathise with someone who you once hated. my favourite character in this series was Ryan O Reilly, played by dean winters, who , aside from having the sexiest voice in the history of voices, is a truly excellent actor as the manipulative addict  in this scene that im about to show you Ryan is talking to Patrick, a fellow irishman in prison – he knows that patrick has raped the prison doctor, a woman that ryan is absolutely obsessed with, because its something to do, but he does it wholeheartedly and without condition, she is seriously creeped out by him. Ryan doesnt get his hands dirty he manipulates until he gets what he wants, thats why this scene was so striking and sexy – and why its probably one of my favourite tv moments ever. (link below)

Ill talk more in other posts about other tv moments i like – but that one gets me every time.

Until next time