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Sorry I have been a little overwhelmed with the whole getting published thingamebob but now I am back to being just whelmed in a regular way – adjusting to life and a new career as a writer.


Just write!

I hear so many people tell me they want to write a book one day. Its ALMOST  getting on my nerves how many times I hear it. Either they don’t have the time or they aren’t emotionally or mentally in the right place to write. Here’s the secret to writing a book – you just kind of have to sit down and write it. Then you rewrite it, then you edit it and just keep going until its something you’re vaguely happy with (or you go crazy).



Be open to change!

Without going into the specifics here, I kind of had a plot mapped out for the next book I wanted to write, I had gathered information, made some vague outlines. Then I watched a TV show and the plot was too similar to what I had planned and so I decided to scrap it (for now). That wasn’t annoying at all!!!!!

If you find yourself in a similar situation dont get dishearted – every story has been told before – you can either tell it from a different perspective or find a new angle – no one can write your story but YOU



Don’t be afraid of research.

Watch, read, consume ideas, read news etc – its not time wasting, its research and its important – just know when to draw the line and when you are just stalling yourself.

So I’ve had a week to mull it over and have managed on the fly to come up with something else. I have spent that week watching documentaries, reading blogs, asking questions on forums, reading articles and news reports, watching dramas, anything and everything to try and trigger some kind of story in my mind from the initial concept idea.




Your original idea may evolve and change – adapt to it and don’t see it as some kind of failure. Sometimes its the challenges and overcoming them that make writing fun!

So I had already kind of figured out a main character for the story I originally wanted to write. I managed to mostly transfer him over because all I had was a plan and a character bio. I had to tweek it slightly but it felt easier than starting completely from scratch – even though essentially its a completely different character.



I really wanted a complete outline before I started – but as with everything I do – I got so into the characters and the story that i wanted to tell that I am FAR too excited to just sit on this and wait for the rest of the plot to come to me. I have a 30% idea and that’s enough for me for now. I think I probably end up planning the story in 4 or 5 stages.


Just start!

I’ve written fifteen thousand words. that means I have roughly eighty five thousand to go (give or take!) All of that excitement I was talking about before? its been replaced with a crushing and daunting feeling mixed with the excitement of finding my characters and finding out what’s going to happen to them.

Personally I try and work on one project at a time, because I think its good to be immersed in your story.

Do it now!

The truth is there is no good time to start writing – you just have to get on with it – its all a learning process. I am still learning now!




Hi…its been a while – i know i know.

I havent had a writers block, more likely the opposite, a deluge of ideas without the faintest idea which ones I should be using and how to tie them all together.

Im at the tricky bit again, the bit where I have had all the thoughts that can possibly be had about which way my story is going but I havent written them all down yet, at least not in story form – more likely random words scattered around my office on post it notes and little scribbles in more notepads than is healthy for any adult to have. Occasionally i find notepads with whole chapters I had forgotten I had written, on completely different threads than the way I chose to go on my story. I have self imposed a deadline for myself of sunday night -0 and so my house is a mess, my whole family has run out of underwear because i havent been using the washing machine, i have just been peicing things together with very little success – and even less writing. I feel like I have too much to say and not enough space to say it in – which is nonsense because I determine the length of my novel, no one else.

I havent been well either, I developed bells palsy over the summer and half my face was paralysed – it was scary stuff and I couldnt use a computer for a few weeks because i couldn’t blink and so my eye would just stream with water. I was lucky that it only lasted around 5 weeks because i was told that it may take up to a year to clear up. On the plus side I got to wear a fetching eye patch on holiday and was dubiously eye-balled (pun intended) by airport security. Holiday was fabulous and despite finding out how weird it is not to be able to squint when looking at the sun – my face incurred no further damage aside from an eye patch shaped tan line.

I should be writing my story now – like right now – and suddenly it was an emergency to write this blog, because obviously you all couldnt cope another day without hearing my inane ramblings which are really just an elaborate procrastination tool. So, Im not going to allow myself to blog again until i have finished my first draft 9I use the term finish loosely) – I have lots of red highlighted text in my document that I may or may not keep, then the revisions come, which i generally find quite good fun – then the monotonous job of editing – which is particularly hard for me as most of it is guesswork. but judging from the feedback i had from professionals my editing was pretty damn good. The upside is this time i will be working with an editor, i dont know how I am going to feel about that, it will be a strange experience. But I do like collaborating with people – I like peoples perspectives on what I have done/ am doing. Currently my mother is reading my second novel even though the ending isnt finished – at first (like last time) she was full of praise but as it went on she starts getting bored and confused ha ha – i havent explained that there are things I need to remove and other things I need to explain better – I dontknow if she will get to the end.

lastly of course is my self confidence, which gets knocked further and further down with every minute that i spend writing anything other than my novel – so its time to go as I hear my conscience knocking again and I really need to meet me own deadline – until next time!


I’l admit it, the idea of getting my book published is terrifying to me, and I am not even sure why. My mother has read my book already and so I’m not overly concerned with what she will think. My kids are too young but i am sure one day they will read my book – that does make my skin crawl a little but hopefully they will understand that mummy is not in fact a mass murdering psycho and its all just pretend – they are pretty smart and so hopefully… As for anyone else, well, I’ve written a book, i wrote it, me , not them. Write a book and get it published then tell me whats wrong with my book – obviously i dont expect any massively hostile confrontations from people about my story, sure people will talk behind my back and realistically I am cool with that. So where does this anxiety come from? I have no idea. It took a lot of courage for me to put myself out there, and I am open to criticism for sure. So why am I nervous? I think one of the big issues for me – is people seeing what I have written and looking through it to see me, to see what makes me tick. Its stupid really because i dont do that to other writers. i am a very private person and so it makes me feel very vulnerable – I dont like feeling vulnerable.

I got an email from my agent on friday saying 2 publishing houses were taking my book to acquisitions meetings (I had to look this up) and so thats a good thing, especially as 2 people want it – thats good, right? i dont know what to think in all honesty – its so easy to put self doubt on myself, far too easy. At what point do i start believing in myself?

Until next time